When Marnie Was There OST: A Song That Will Hit You Right in the Feels

If you think that the storyline of Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There) is the only thing that will tug at your heart, then you should watch the movie again and listen to its OST. Its songs will knock at your heart and leave a trail of sadness behind.

Omoide no Marnie, Marnie, Anna Sasaki

Like the story, the music of Omoide no Marnie (When Marnie Was There) speaks of loneliness and fear of being unloved. Anna’s emotions are reflected in the melody and lyrics of the song. The OST was mostly created and performed by Takatsuku Muramatsu, but the last song was sung by Priscilla Ahn.

“High Tide, Low Tide” by Muramatsu

Omoide no Marnie, Marnie, Anna Sasaki

The enchantment of the Marsh house pulled Anna towards it. Whether it be a high tide or a low tide, nothing can stop Anna from going there. This music from the movie’s OST will thrill you. It reflects Anna’s feelings when she discovers the house – curious and full of adventurous spirit!

High Tide, Low Tide Omoide no Marnie OST

“Songs of Anna and Marnie” by Muramatsu

Omoide no Marnie, Marnie, Anna Sasaki

Muramatsu has included two songs personally made for the main characters, Anna and Marnie. Each song is dedicated to bring life to the characters and each will make your heart ache. They are full of longing, fear, and sadness. However, there are also hints of hope and happiness, both of which they have found in each other.

“Anna’s Song”

Anna’s Song Omoide no Marnie OST

“Marnie’s Song”

Marnie’s Song Omoide no Marnie OST

“The Final Wish” by Muramatsu

Omoide no Marnie, Marnie, Anna Sasaki

This one is sure to make you cry. Like all other songs in the OST of When Marnie Was There, this one is heartbreaking. A final wish granted. A wave of goodbye done. Who can recover from the scene where the two friends had to part ways? This song will allow you to relive it.

The Final Wish Omoide no Marnie OST

“Hisako’s Story” by Muramatsu

Omoide no Marnie, Marnie, Anna Sasaki

Who is Marnie? Where did this mysterious girl go? Hisako told it all. Her story started out sad and ended sad. This song from the OST lets you ride the emotional ride of When Marnie Was There.

Hisako’s Story Omoide no Marnie OST

Fine On The Outside by Priscilla Ahn

Omoide no Marnie, Marnie, Anna Sasaki

The movie When Marnie Was There (Omoide no Marnie) ended with Ahn’s song. It has soft melody, accompanied by the acoustics of a guitar. The lyrics tell of a friendless person. She’s alone and sad on the inside but shows that she’s fine on the outside. You can’t help but think of Anna when listening to it.

Fine On The Outside Omoide no Marnie OST

So I sit in my room
After hours with the moon
And think of who knows my name
Would you cry if I died?
Would you remember my face?

These words from “Fine On The Outside” are only few of the things in the movie’s OST that’ll make you cry. Please be sure to check out the soundtrack, as well as this beautiful film!

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