Weird, Cult Manga About Cyborg Grandpa Is Getting an Anime Adaptation

And a live-action movie. From the creator of Gantz.

Inuyashiki anime adaptation
It was recently revealed that Inuyashiki – GANTZ mangaka Hiroya Oku‘s passion project – will be getting an anime adaptation that premieres on Noitamina in October 2017. As if that wasn’t surprise enough, a live-action movie was also announced, to be released sometime in 2018. Check out the teaser trailer for the anime below:

The animation in the trailer appears to be CG – but it’s CG done right. Hopefully it manages to implement a deft mix of 2D & 3D in the vein of Ghost in the Shell 2, Last Exile, or Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

They’ll certainly have no shortage of expertise to pull something like that off, as the ‘3D Director’ for Kabaneri and Attack on TitanShuuhei Yabuta – has been employed as Director. MAPPA, the studio behind recent hits like Yuuri!!! on Ice and Zankyou no Terror, will be producing the project.

Inuyashiki robot arm
Inuyashiki tells the story of the saddest 58 year old man you’ll ever meet. His family doesn’t care about him, he’s written-off by society as a pathetic old man, and has recently been diagnosed with cancer – all seems lost. He’s given a new lease on life when he’s suddenly rebuilt as a cyborg by aliens.

Check out Kodansha’s interview with Hiroya Oku about Inuyashiki to get some more insight into the manga.

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