TV Anime ‘Free!: Dive to the Future’ Gets Sequel

At the end of the final episode of Free! Dive to the Future TV anime on Thursday, it has been announced that the story will continue in 2020. It does not yet indicate if the continuation will be another TV series or in other formats.

Free! series was originally based on High☆Speed! light novel series that released in July 2013 to July 2014. Free! received three series that broadcasted in Summer 2013 to this summer by Kyoto Animation and Animation Do. High☆Speed! later received movie adaptation, which premiered in December 2015. Before third season, the series received two recap Timeless Melody movies and one special screening last year. A prequel episode to the third season was screened this June, and first volume, released on Wednesday, includes it along with first two episodes. “Blue Destination,” a special ending theme song that was played in the final episode, will be included in the soundtrack titled Deep Blue Harmony releasing on October 10.

Special PV

Source: Nijimen

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