Top 20 Strongest Characters in One Punch Man

While we all eagerly wait for Season 2, here’s a look back at the strongest characters of Season 1, and boy was this was a tough one…There was such close competition between all the different fighters! You’ll never guess who ended up in the #1 spot.

Saitama lifting weights
This might’ve been the most difficult list to put together we’ve ever done. You’ll never guess who ended up in the #1 spot. Find out who the Top 20 Strongest Characters in One Punch Man are now!

Note: Only characters that appear in the anime were considered for this list

20. Crabrante

CrabranteOne Punch Man, Crabrante Gif
As the very first villain Saitama defeats, Crabrante deserves at least an honorable mention – though he’s far from the strongest character in the show. After eating too much crab, this man unfortunately turns into a crab himself…though only his top half. I guess it’s true what they say: you are what you eat!

19. Mumen Rider

Mumen RiderOne Punch Man, Mumen Rider Gif
Although Mumen Rider is also not the strongest character in terms of physical strength, he more than makes up for it with effort! After all, who can forget his can-do attitude even when facing the Demon-Level Threat, the Deep Sea King? He’s even won Saitama’s respect, so he certainly deserves a place on this list, too!

18. Snek

SnekOne Punch Man, Snek Gif
He may not be anyone’s favorite character, but Snek is still an A-ranked hero in the Association. He’s also responsible for training new heroes like Saitama and Genos when they arrive, which is almost definitely a thankless job. Plus, his sense of style with his snakeskin suit is pretty on point, so he gets a place on this list of strongest characters.

17. Armored Gorilla

Armored GorillaOne Punch Man, Armored Gorilla Gif
A Demon-Level mutant/cyborg monster who came from the House of Evolution, the Armored Gorilla is a deadly combination of high-tech machinery and natural brute strength. He may be a pretty strong character, but that doesn’t stop him from being handily defeated by Genos!

16. Lightning Max

Lighting MaxOne Punch Man, Lightning Max Gif
Lightning Max is another A-ranked hero without much screen time, but it’s hard to not appreciate his gusto and flair. His hair and tattoo alone are worth style points, and his lightning-quick attacks are nothing to scoff at, either. Although he’s taken out by the Deep Sea King, he’s still a perfectly strong character!

15. Stinger

StingerOne Punch Man, Stinger Gif
Like Mumen Rider, Stinger gets bonus points not just for being an A-class hero, but also for not giving up when the going gets tough. Who can forget that time when he took out almost all of the Deep Sea King’s Army despite being seriously wounded? His bamboo shoot spear may look a bit ridiculous, but at least he’s a strong character who knows how to use it!

14. Amai Mask

Amai MaskOne Punch Man, Amai Mask Gif
Amai Mask seems to mysteriously be the Number 1 A-class hero, who was even offered a chance to join the S-class. Although we haven’t seen him fight in the anime yet, there’s something about his eyes when he gets angry… I certainly wouldn’t want to get on his bad side!

13. Puri Puri Prisoner

Puri Puri PrisonerOne Punch Man, Puri Puri Prisoner
One of the more fabulous heroes, Puri Puri Prisoner is an S-class with chiseled features and impressive musculature to boot. Although he has a tendency to aggressively pursue young male heroes he takes a fancy to, he is still a force for good and does his part in the fight against Lord Boros and his fearsome alien minions.

12. Speed o’ Sound Sonic

Speed o' Sound SonicOne Punch Man, Sonic Gif
Speed o’ Sound Sonic is a fearsome ninja anti-hero — fearsome, that is, when compared to anyone besides Saitama of course. After failing to kill the bald superhero, Sonic abandoned his assassin ways and declared Saitama to be his one worthy rival. Whether or not Saitama feels the same way remains to be seen (though probably not).

11. Metal Bat

Metal BatOne Punch Man, Metal Bat Gif
Metal Bat may not arrive until the final arc of the first season, but when he shows up, he certainly pulls his weight! His first real encounter is with the demon Melzalgald, a Dragon-level alien under Lord Boros’s command. Although he did not take out the creature alone, Metal Bat was the one who realized Melzalgald’s weakness: small marbles in his body that could be destroyed to prevent his regeneration. He may not be the MVP of the Heroes Association, but he’s still always ready at bat!

10. Genos

GenosOne Punch Man, Genos Gif
Genos may be a trusted partner of the powerful Saitama, but the young cyborg still has a long way to go if he wants to match his teacher’s strength. A young and courageous genius, Genos made it to the much sought-after S-class ranking immediately after taking his Heroes Association examination, but he doesn’t let any of that get in his head. He still knows he has a lot to learn from Saitama if he ever wants to seek vengeance for his family’s murder.

9. Deep Sea King

Deep Sea KingOne Punch Man, Deep Sea King Gif
The Deep Sea King is a Demon-level threat who terrorized the city in an attempt to claim the surface world for himself and the Seafolk. When properly hydrated, his muscles expand dramatically and he becomes even more fearsome. He is able to defeat multiple A-class heroes and higher, and even takes Genos by surprise with his acid spit ability, almost completely destroying the cyborg before Saitama can intervene.

8. Carnage Kabuto

Carnage KabutoOne Punch Man, Carnage Kabuto Gif
The Carnage Kabuto is a Dragon-level creature created in the House of Evolution whose monstrous appearance is matched only by his strength and his unstable personality. Despite his raw power, he is largely seen as a failure of an experiment because of his volatile and uncontrollable nature. He defeats Genos in single combat, easily overpowering his smaller opponent, but like most enemies, is handily defeated by Saitama in the end.

7. Geryuganshoop

GeryuganshoopOne Punch Man, Geryuganshoop Gif
Geryuganshoop is another Dragon-level monster who serves the powerful Lord Boros of the Dark Matter Thieves. Although he may not look it, he has incredibly powerful psychic abilities and believes himself to be the strongest psychic in the universe, though he spends most of his time issuing orders from a control room. All that comes to an end, of course, after he challenges Saitama – Geryuganshoop may be the strongest psychic, but he was certainly no match for a certain bald man in a yellow suit and cape.

6. Atomic Samurai

Atomic SamuraiOne Punch Man, Atomic Samurai Gif
The Atomic Samurai is considered the fourth strongest in the Heroes Association, and his battle with Melzalgald makes it easy to see why. His blindingly fast attacks and precision certainly make him a force to be reckoned with. With that being said, had it not been for the help of the other S-Class heroes, he might not have been able to defeat the nearly invincible alien.

5. Bang

One Punch Man, BangOne Punch Man, Bang Gif
Despite his age, Bang remains the third strongest member of the Heroes Association and an accomplished master of the Water Stream Rock Smashing Fist. Not only is his physical strength impressive, but he also has the wisdom and intuition to acknowledge Saitama’s impressive power, unlike most heroes in the Association.

4. Melzalgald

MelzalgaldOne Punch Man, Melzalgald Gif
Melzalgald is another high-ranking alien with the Dark Matter Thieves, who takes on no less than four S-class heroes before being defeated, almost by sheer luck. In addition to his enormous size and strength, he has remarkable regenerative abilities and cannot be beaten unless all of his ‘vital marbles’ are destroyed. The heroes pull this off, thankfully for the earth, but Melzalgald remains one of the strongest monsters we’ve seen yet.

3. Tatsumaki

TatsumakiOne Punch Man, Tatsumaki Gif
The “Terrible Tornado” Tatsumaki is the second strongest member of the Heroes Association, and she certainly acts like it. She confidently defeats monsters with seemingly minimal effort thanks to her extraordinary psychic powers, and she regularly complains about being bored and feeling under-challenged by her work.

2. Lord Boros

Lord BorosOne Punch Man, Lord Boros Gif
And the greatest threat to the Earth we’ve seen so far in the anime, Lord Boros, clinches the #2 spot on our Top 20 list! An immensely powerful Dragon+ threat alien, Boros has been wandering the universe on a quest to find a worthy opponent to fight. Thanks to a tip from a prophet, he finds his way to Earth where he is soon challenged by Saitama. Although Boros finds the worthy opponent he had been searching for, Saitama leaves the battle without a scratch on him and entirely unchallenged.

1. Saitama

SaitamaOne Punch Man, Saitama Gif
Obviously we lied; the big bald man himself – Saitama – is easily the strongest character in One Punch Man. This fact is grossly apparent, given that he effortlessly annihilates every enemy with no injuries or strain. I mean jeez, it’s the premise of the whole show. But how could he have gotten so strong? All we hear in the anime is that he adhered to a strict training regimen everyday, but not an exceptionally difficult one – even Genos considered it incredibly fundamental. Well, whatever it is that made Saitama the strongest character in anime history, I’d like to get me some!

We hope you enjoyed seeing these 20 Strongest Characters in One Punch Man! To see all these uniquely talented (and perhaps not-so-talented) characters in action, watch the first season of the anime out now!

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