Take Command in the New Strategic War Game, Girls on Tanks

The highly anticipated turn-based strategic war game, Girls on Tanks, is the most thrilling action-adventure title to hit the Nutaku in months. Launch yourself into battle while you learn how to command sexy troops, manage artillery and outsmart the enemies.


Test your strategic combat skills in this free-to-play game, Girls on Tanks, now available on Nutaku._


Girls on Tanks is an action-packed adventure that allows players to take on the highest-ranking position of General of the United Defense Force. It is your duty to save the world from being overthrown by war, conflict and the army of Winter’s Blood. The army of Winter’s Blood wants to take control of powerful minerals that were discovered by the forces of Nimeria. The super powerful Crystals have the ability to create the strongest weapons, and ultimately an indestructible army. As General, you must defend mineral extraction points from the enemy. Lead your army to victory and stop evil from taking over, in this free-to-play action-adventure title.


Before Battle

As Leader, you will be notified of the battle’s objective before entering combat. This information allows you to strategize which troops to deploy for every battle. More often than not you will be required to eliminate every member of the opposing army; however, be aware that they may ask you to complete other tasks. For example, an objective may be to take over the enemies’ headquarters. This will ultimately impact which troops you choose considering they each have a special skill. Before battle begins, your Commander will let you know any additional information that will help you determine the best plan of action on the battlefield.


During Battle

Enter the war zone through the Hills of Fraternity. On the battlefield, you will be able to determine how much damage each soldier can deal before attacking. By clicking any unit, you will be able to determine how far you can travel, who you can target and who can attack your unit. Although troops and artillery both have a total of 10 Health Points (HP), some units are more difficult to defeat. For example, an army tank will require more strikes than a soldier.

Throughout the battle, remember to use the skills of your troops. As mentioned before, you will be able to strategically choose which women will be the most fitting for each objective. For example, a soldier may be more helpful if she’s able to take away two HP from the opposing army because the objective is to eliminate all opposing troops, as opposed to deploying a unit that provides additional war funds. Each skill can be used once and then each additional use will need to be funded


After Battle

After each mission, you will be given a medal based on your battle score that considers your speed, strength, and technique of the round. Use your best war strategies to obtain higher ranking medals to increase your rewards and your loyalty with your soldiers. In other words, if you reach the objective, you obtain the highest rewards. As General, you will also rank up your troops as you win battles.

Another way to help your troops is to collect rewards from the War Factions. Every week, you can join one of four factions, along with thousands of other players. Not knowing who else is in the faction or the ranking of the faction, you have to try your best to win as many battles as possible. At the end of the week, the Faction with the highest ranking gets all the rewards and the other Factions get nothing! All you need are tickets to enter the Faction War Game Mode to get the chance to collect the ultimate rewards.


Your Troops

Your army is comprised of the toughest and the most stunning female Captains, Lieutenants, and Sergeants. Ready to fight under your command, their loyalty increases as you win battles. Be sure to rank them up as often as possible for the most successful outcome. At certain levels, be sure to open free gachas to level up your troops or obtain other rewards.


Girls on Tanks is free-to-play strategic war game found on Nutaku. While you can pay for upgrades, you can generally level up by playing strategically and winning rounds. Gain the loyalty of your stunning soldiers and save the world from the Winter’s Blood Army. Your progress can be saved and accessed as long as you are a member of the platform. You can play the game, available on Nutaku, here.


If you are a fan of anime games, strategic war games, and beautiful troops that fight in your honor, you’ll want to try Girls on Tanks right away. Head to Nutaku.comto play for free and check out other free-to-play games on the platform.

About Nutaku

Pioneer of the Adult Video Game industry in Western society, Nutaku debuted its platform with four Japanese-inspired video games in December 2014. Currently displaying over 100 games, the platform has expanded from distributing solely hentai-based games to including a few Western-inspired games. Exploding with adult content, games range from Action Adventure and City Building to Role Playing Games (RPG) and Visual Novels.

The platform distributes mobile games, a wide variety of downloadable games and free-to-play games. With over 25 million monthly visits, Nutaku ranks as the top Adult Video Game platform for an English audience. Nutaku also has SFW versions of several titles that have been so well-received by fans. Examples include Girls on Tanks, Flower Knight Girl and the Kamihime Project.

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