Sword Art Online Director Makes Sci-Fi Romance Anime Film ‘Hello World’

Tomohiko Ito (Sword Art Online franchiseERASED) is directing an original anime film project titled Hello Worldfor release next fall at the studio Graphinica (Expelled from Paradise). Mado Nozaki (Bablyon novel series, KADO – The Right Answer) is writing the screenplay, and Yukiko Horiguchi (K-ON!Lucky StarTamako Love Story) is designing the characters. The Anime! Anime! website describes the project as an “innovative yet traditional science-fiction love story.”

Ito expressed his gratefulness for being able to make a new film with a new team in the first year of a new era. (Japan’s Emperor Akihito is abdicating his throne for his son on April 30.) The director described the project as “a film that I must make, now.” While he could only give the film’s title for now, he asked fans to look forward to it. He vowed to do his best until they complete a entertainment work that will be enjoyed throughout the world.

Source: Anime! Anime! (仲瀬 コウタロウ)

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