Pokemon Celebrates 20 Years With Awesome Super Bowl 2016 Commercial

After 20 years of continuous success, Pokemon celebrates its achievements with a fantastic Super Bowl commercial that brings the Pokemon world closer to ours! Get a taste of what it’s like to face a Pokemon in real life, and bring back all the feels that you have for the game and the anime!

Delve into the world of Pokemon… at the Super Bowl?!

Pokemon Super Bowl 2016 commercial 20th anniversary

Football fans went wild during the recent Super Bowl game. Anime fans, however, went crazy over one commercial.

It starts off as a commercial that promotes the hard work and intelligence of young people. Great! Young people deserve to be inspired towards greatness! But what product will the commercial highlight? Maybe a drink? A sports brand? There have been many surprising Super Bowl commercials in the past, so anything is pretty much possible. And thus, to the unprepared eye it seems inspiring, but doesn’t immediately ring any bells. Until you see it…

Pokemon Super Bowl 2016 commercial 20th anniversary
And you think, “Wait… I know this…

Pokemon Super Bowl commercial 20th anniversary

It zooms through the lives of a young boy who is ‘training for greatness’, a girl who puts her intelligence to the test, and an American football player who seems determined to win his next game. A quick flash, you recognize the neon lights of Japan, and see a young Japanese man who looks up at the others for inspiration.

Pokemon Super Bowl 2016 commercial 20th anniversary

And then it’s on!

Pokemon Super Bowl commercial 20th anniversary

The Super Bowl stadium turns into a Pokemon arena! Gyarados glides through the air, while Charizard, Magneton and Mega Lucario look ready to fight! The Poké Ball is thrown, the crowd cheers to mark the start of the Pokemon battle, and then the commercial cuts to Pikachu watching TV with a father and his son, who has the same look as most Pokemon lovers have when something new is out.

Pokemon Super Bowl 2016 commercial 20th anniversary

The commercial was made to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon world, with some estimating that it cost around $10 million dollars to air in the Super Bowl time slot. Some fans were disappointed that the commercial was only there to celebrate the anniversary without any actual news being mentioned, while others are having an active debate as we speak on how effective the combination of Charizard, Magneton and Mega Lucario would be in a battle! But this is all in the spirit of Pokemon fans, and the game that has been a part of their lives for such a long time. Whether you are new to Pokemon, or you have a childhood that was passionately marked by it, a gamer’s emotions will certainly be moved in this 70 second commercial.

Pokemon Super Bowl 2016 commercial 20th anniversary

If you want to celebrate Pokemon 20th Anniversary even more, then remember that Pokemon Day is coming up soon on February 27th! In celebration of this day, the official Pokemon website has announced the release of Pokémon Blue, Pokémon Red, and Pokémon Yellow for Nintendo 3DS systems through the Nintendo eShop, a new Nintendo 3DS Pokémon 20th Anniversary bundle, and participating stores that will offer posters, cards and other merchandise to commemorate this special occasion! Pokemon fans “Gotta Catch ‘Em All!“, right?

Another Japanese company, Toyota Motor Corporation, also got a Super Bowl commercial spot for its new Pirus.

Toyota Prius Pokemon 20th anniversary Super Bowl commercial 2016

After being taken by a group of robbers running away from the police, the new Prius uses all of its hi-tech features to get them out of trouble.

The 2016 Super Bowl had a bunch of cool commercials. For some fun laughs, be sure to check them all out.

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