Middle School in Trouble for Buying Lewd Light Novels for Students

Japanese middle school gets in trouble for not checking their sources when buying light novels for their students.

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One Osaka middle school is in trouble for buying lewd light novels for their students. It all started, innocently enough, when the teacher in charge of the library agreed to a request from their students to stock light novels. Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to do much research and chose some of the most popular light novels at random. The school board later approved the request.

How someone could order light novels titled And You Thought There is Never a Girl Online (Netoge), Eromanga Sensei, and A Sexy Maid Arrived for Me, a Loser at Love and think they would be appropriate for middle school students is beyond me, but it happened. Needless to say, once the questionable titles arrived, the school board immediately realized their mistake and decided not to put the titles in the library.

Lewd Light Novels

From Left to Right: A Sexy Maid Arrived for Me, a Loser at Love. Hikaru Wakatsuki. Netoge. Shibai Kineko. Eromanga Sensei. Tsukasa Fushimi.

A little too late though. Since tax money was spent to acquire the 17 light novels (about ¥ 11,000 yen or about $97 USD), the city council had to be involved. During their investigation they deemed the novels inappropriate for middle school students and one specific council member had this to say, “The covers are erotic. It is not good to put books that depict women in such a sexual manner in the library.”

Always check your sources, kids!

Source: Sankei

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