Light Novel ‘Assassins Pride’ Gets Anime Adaptation

The Fantasia Bunko Daikanshasai 2018 stage on Sunday has announced that light novel Assasins Pride will get an anime adaptation. More information will be revealed at a later date.

In the world where only the aristocrats have the power to fight the monster-mana. A youth named Kufa is dispatched as a tutor to find Mareida’s talent, a nuisance girl born in a duke’s family. If she is not talented, assassinate her-that, is the dark side of his task… (Source: Novel Updates)

Assasins Pride is written by Kei Amagi and illustrated by Ninomotonino, which has been serialized since January 2016. Kadokawa released the eighth volume through the Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint on August 18, with the Secret Garden short stories collection on February 20. The light novel series received Grand Prize at the 28th Fantasia Bunko Taisho in 2015.

A manga adaptation drawn by Yoshie Katou has been serialized in Ultra Jump magazine since May 2017 and has two compiled volumes in print as of April 19.

Source: Fantasia Bunko Twitter

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