‘Kimi no Na wa’ Becomes 3rd Highest Grossing Japanese Film of All Time

Good luck catching up to Spirited Away.

kimi no na wa
This past weekend in Japan, two things happened.

After ‘Fantastic Beasts‘ was released on November 23rd and concluded its first weekend at the box office, Kimi no na wa. was forced into 2nd place for only the second time during its impressive 14 week reign where it otherwise had managed to maintain the #1 position.

More significantly, the film – easily the biggest anime movie sensation of the decade so far – has inched past Mononoke Hime to become the 3rd most profitable Japanese film in Japanese box office history after this most recent weekend brought its total domestic gross to ¥19.4B (~$174 million US).

mononoke hime
The Makoto Shinkai directed stunner looks pretty much set to overtake Howls Moving Castle at this point, which is sitting precariously in 2nd place at ¥19.6B. On the other hand, the highest grossing Japanese film, Spirited Away, is looking pretty untouchable at ¥30.4B. Good luck overtaking that juggernaut, Shinkai.

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