Hit Mobile MMO Game ‘Logres: Japanese RPG’ Finally Released in English

After amassing over eight million downloads, mobile MMORPG ‘Logres: Japanese RPG’ makes its way to the west with an English language port.


Though ‘Logres: Japanese RPG‘ made its English language debut for Android and IOS devices on 25th May 2017, this release has been a long time in the making. Originally a Japanese browser based game that was released in 2011, a mobile version made its way to the Japanese market in 2013, where it amassed over eight million downloads.

There’s a lot to love and experience in Logres, and while it borrows from tried and true RPG gameplay elements, it presents itself as a unique experience. With visuals reminiscent of Ragnarok Online, this is clearly a game created with a nostalgia for the JRPGs of old, with updated systems and features that make it relevant and engaging for the mobile market.

3 characters

Visual Style

Fans of Japanese gaming will appreciate the distinct, anime inspired visual style of the game. It strays from being overly cutesy, and presents both it’s hub world with enough detail to be engaging, and fight sequences with enough menace to be enthralling. We’re left with an impression of being dropped into an ‘alternate universe’ that’s become so popular in anime and Japanese popular culture as of late.



You’ve got a robust roster of over 15 jobs (or classes) to choose from, each with its own unique abilities and identity to help you fill a certain role in your party; whether it’s the highly defensive Rook, the nimble Fighter, or Necromancer with devastating AOE abilities.

job classes


The ‘turn based’ combat is simple, yet rewarding, with one finger being all that’s necessary to take out swarms of enemies and hulking raid bosses alike. The visuals during combat become dazzling as you progress through the game and experience co-op play with a full party of players unleashing their unrelenting attacks on enemies.



Cosmetic items are a big part of what makes MMOs so engaging, and yet in trying to simplify the RPG experience, a lot of mobile developers forego the inclusion of any significant customization options. This is not even close to being a worry with Logres. Strolling through the hub world, it’s immediately apparent there isn’t a single player that’s wearing the same outfit. And why would they be when there’s simply an insane amount of options to chose from. Wings, Bear suits, Tuxedos, Grass skirts – they’ve got it all covered. All cosmetics are purchased from the Lottery (or Gatcha) system that you can play using the in-game currency.



There’s even a chat system you can use to connect to millions of online players with 1-on-1 messaging, party chat, clan chat, and world chat.

Pre-Registration Rewards

pre reg
To celebrate the launch of the game, players who make an account from May 25, 2017 – June 28, 2017 will receive pre-registration rewards by completing the first in-game quest, Encounter with Akane.

Jump-start Campaign


Players who want to dive a little deeper and get truly get ahead of the competition can also clear certain conditions between May 24, 2017 – June 7, 2017 [23:59 PST] to get upgrade materials, crystals and more!

jump start conditions

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