Five Figure Fridays – Steins Gate

Steins Gate took the world bu storm and luckily for us left some awesome figures in its wake. It is high time we looked at some of the coolest Steins Gate figures!

Steins Gate Art Rinkya
Back in 2009, Stephen Hawking held a party which had an open invitation for all time travelers . Unfortunately, no one showed up. Even though Hawking got stood up, Einstein’s theory of relativity allows for the possibility of time travel. Time travel itself has been featured in a lot of movies, books and shows but one of the most realized concepts of it can be found in a small postmodernist anime wonder named Steins Gate. The series started as a visual novel, but then expanded into other mediums like manga and anime. With a property as popular as this, there are bound to be some awesome figures, some of which we are here to show you.

5. Steins Gate Kotobukiya Kurisu Makise 1/8 Figure

Steins Gate Kotobukiya Kurisu Makise 1/8 Figure Rinkya
We are opening our list with a Kurisu Makise figure from January 2016. This figure was released by Kotobukiya and it is based on the illustration from the visual novel’s cover! The beloved tsundere heroine was skillfully sculpted by M.I.C.. This is a completely pre-painted PVC figure that is 24 cm (9.36 inches) tall. The standout feature of this figure has to be its unique base. The base does require some assembly, but trust us, it is well worth the effort. The base gives the figure an otherworldly feel with its memorable gear structure.

Even though the stand is incredibly amazing, the other parts of the figure are not lagging behind. From the exquisitely sculpted face to the natural looking clothing, everything about this figure just screams high quality. This figure can be yours for about 11,895 yen (~115 US dollars) new or used for about 4,655 yen (~45 US dollars).

4. Steins Gate Good Smile Company Kurisu Makise 1/8 Figure

Steins Gate Good Smile Company Kurisu Makise 1/8 Figure Rinkya
In March 2013, the Good Smile Company graced us with an amazing figure of Steins Gate’s Kurisu Makise. This complete pre-painted PVC Kurisu figure is 21 cm (8.19 inches) tall. The Future Gadget Laboratory’s Lab Member No.004 was sculpted by Tokunaga Hironori who masterfully brought to life an illustration by Huke. The Kurisu figure was sculpted with great detail, from her captivating face to her fluttering jacket. The pose she was captured just oozes with kinetic energy and she looks like she is going to walk away at any moment. To own this fantastic figure, you will need to have around 17,665 yen (~173 US dollars)!

3. Steins Gate Alter Amane Suzuha Figure

Steins Gate Alter Amane Suzahu Figure Rinkya
The next figure on our list this time comes from Alter and it is a figure of Steins Gate’s Amane Suzuha. She is shown doing her favorite activity, cycling, while holding a cold drink in her hand. Suzahu was sculpted by Toshiaki Numakura while her mountain bike was sculpted by Osami Miura. This Suzuha figure is a 1/8 scale, 18cm (7.02 inches) tall completely pre-painted PVC figure. This figure, which was released in October 2013, can be yours for around 21,435 yen (~210 US dollars).

2. Steins Gate Good Smile Company Kurisu Makise 1/8 White Robe Ver. Figure

Steins Gate Good Smile Company Kurisu Makise 1/8 White Robe Ver. Figure Rinkya
In second place we have a special edition of the figure we talked about previously. This Kurisu Makise figure comes from the Good Smile Company and it was released in November 2013. This figure is a special edition that was released especially for the Winter Wonder Festival 2013. Kurisu is shown in a white lab coat while holding a Dr. Pepper drink in her hand. As with the other Kurisu figure, this one is based on the illustration by Huke while sculpting was done by Tokunaga Hironori. Kurise is a pre-painted, 1/8 scale, 21 cm (8.19 inches) tall PVC figure. Get it for about 25,000 yen (~246 US dollars).

1. Steins Gate Azone Kurisu Makise Figure

Steins Gate Azone Kurisu Makise Figure Rinkya

The first spot on our list belongs to a figure from Azone and it is part of theirs Hybrid Active Figure line. Once again rising to the challenge, it is a figure of the Kurisu Makise. This Kurisu figure was released in October 2012 and it is a pre-painted figure with a newly sculpted vinyl head with a wig and a 1/3 scale, 50 cm (19.5 inches) tall, soft vinyl Obitsu body with M bust. This figure comes with a real fabric casual clothing set, a real fabric white lab coat and boots. Note that this Hisatake Kiyama sculpted figure is fully articulated and it can be yours for about 136,025 yen (~1337 US dollars).

Steins Gate is a masterpiece without a doubt and we hope you found some masterful figures for your collection too! Until next Friday, enjoy!

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