Attention All Artists! Hayao Miyazaki Seeking Artists for Final Film

The 76-year-old keeps on truckin’ and is looking for young talent to work on his final film.

Hayao Smiling

Source: Natasha Baucas on Flickr

Retirement could hardly hold him back…

Back for (supposedly) the last time, Hayao Miyazaki is currently looking for young animators and background artists to help bring his newest feature film to life. The pay may not be all that great (at about $1,789 USD per month), but it’s hardly a doubt that the experience would make quite an impressive impact on a resume. Set to start October 1st of this year and last for a period of three years – production schedule willing – the position asks several things of its prospective employees.

Among the basic requirements, it’s interesting to note that the listing states you will not be discriminated against based on gender or nationality; but it does require knowledge of the Japanese Language. They also appear to be willing to accept newbies, and also will not discriminate against those who already work in the animation industry. Lastly, if hired, employees will be asked to undergo a training period of six months to reach the proper level to work on the film.

The job listing and more detailed requirements are on Studio Ghibli’s website. Take a look if you or a friend are interested in working with an anime legend.

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