Attack on Titan Play Cancelled Following Acrobat’s Death

A stage play version of Attack on Titan has been shelved following a tragic accident that took the life of an acrobat.

Attack on Titan stage play

Image: Promotional material via the play’s official website.

As cultural phenomenon Attack on Titan headed into its second season, a tie-in stage play was nearing the beginning of its run as well. Unfortunately, an unforeseen fatal accident has led to the cancellation of the play, with no plans of ever resuming production.

Acrobat Kazutaka Yoshino was rehearsing with sire suspension devices like the ones he would use in the stage play when the 38-year-old fell to the stage, reports NHK Japan. Yoshino was rushed to the hospital, where he sadly succumbed to his injuries. Although the production and the play were cleared from any wrongdoings or safety issues — the accident was just that, an accident — the staff decided not to continue the play without Yoshino. Following the acrobat’s death, an official cancellation of the play was announced.

The cancelled play, Attack on Titan: Live Impact was meant to be directed by Akiko Kodama, who, according to Crunchyroll, also worked on the stage play adaptations of Naruto and Fairy Tail. It was created by the editor of the original manga Attack on Titan series, Shintaro Kawakubo, and was scheduled for 55 performances between July 28 and September 3.

The play’s official website currently houses a heartfelt letter from the production committee, stating that Yoshino was an important part of the play, and that continuing without him would be too difficult. The letter promises full refunds to anyone who already purchased tickets, and asks that fans be understanding — and that they keep Yoshino in their hearts.

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