Anison Singers Gather to Perform Theme Song for “Lantis Festival 2019”

Anison label Lantis’ official YouTube channel has posted a three-minute teaser trailer for “Starting STYLE!! 2019,” the theme song for its forthcoming 20th anniversary special concert event “Lantis Festival 2019 A・ R・I・G・A・T・O ANISONG.”

“Lantis Festival” was held twice in the past, the first one for the label’s 10th anniversary in 2009, and the second for the 15th anniversary in 2014. The theme song was originally written by Aki Hata (Love Live! series) and composed by Katsuhiko Kurosu (LiSA, sphere) for the second one, and is newly recorded for the third one by Aqours, ChouCho, JAM Project, KISHOW (GRANRODEO), Minami, towana (fhána), TRUE, ZAQ, Megumi Ogata, Sayaka Sasaki, and Mai Fuchigami.

Lantis Festival 2019 theme song “Starting STYLE!! 2019” teaser trailer

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