20 Running Jokes in Soul Eater

Soul Eater is an action-packed anime that maintains a light touch by breaking up heavy moments with well-timed jokes. Much of the humor in Soul Eater is derived from repetition and timing, with gags turning up when you least expect them. Here are 20 funny themes that recur throughout the series.

Maka treats her dad (Spirit) like something disgusting when he shows affection

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Spirit Albarn

Black Star accidentally gives away his presence with his huge ego

Soul Eater Black Star

Death the Kid’s OCD

Soul Eater Death the Kid

Death the Kid Soul Eater

Level-headed Soul gets flustered by Blair’s sexy antics

Soul Eater Blair Soul Eater Evans

Maka hits Soul with a book after he says something upsetting

Soul Eater Maka Albarn Soul Eater Evans

Stein topples over after his rolling chair gets caught on a door frame

Soul Eater Franken Stein

Black Star and Soul act like idiots when they work together

Soul Eater Black Star Soul Eater Evans

Spirit’s constant womanizing gets him in trouble with Maka

Soul Eater Spirit Albarn

Liz gets freaked out by dark places, supernatural beings, and other creepy things

Soul Eater Liz Thompson

The cheerful and goofy Patty suddenly switches to delinquent mode

Soul Eater Patty Thompson

Stein psychologically torments Spirit with sadistic comments

Soul Eater Franken Stein Spirit Albarn

Ragnarok insults and beats up Crona for being incompetent

Soul Eater Ragnarok Crona

The legendary sword Excalibur is extremely annoying and constantly interrupts others

Soul Eater Excalibur

Soul tries to behave in a cool and collected way, but his plan backfires

Soul Eater Soul Eater Evans

Lord Death nonchalantly delivers extremely grave news

Soul Eater Lord Death

Black Star insults Maka with a backhanded comment

Soul Eater Black Star Maka Albarn

Ragnarok acts like a huge glutton and devours food

Soul Eater Ragnarok

Justin can’t hear because he has his earphones in

Soul Eater Justin Law

Marie destroys anything that reminds her of her unlucky love life

Soul Eater Marie Mjolnir

Lord Death delivers a “Death Chop” as punishment

Soul Eater Lord Death

One of the biggest charms of Soul Eater is its silliness, and these are just a few of the chuckle-inducing scenes that appear in the series. Soul Eater has a roster of unique and interesting characters, and the humor builds off of their distinctive idiosyncrasies and relationships. On top of that, the masterful insertion of a subtle yet humorous moment at just the right time has us grinning through every episode.

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