20 Funny Quotes from Akame ga Kill!

In Akame ga Kill!, working for the Night Raid can be tough. Here are 20 quotes that lighten the mood!

“Man, nothing beats booze in the middle of the day!” – Leone

Akame ga Kill Leone Booze

“Akame…you’re in charge of training Tatsumi. If he gets in the way, you may kill him.” – Najenda

Akame ga Kill Najenda Kill Him

“How dare you dodge, you filthy pervert!” – Mine (after shooting Tatsumi when he walks in on her changing)

Akame ga Kill Mine Stupid Hick

“There was no need for you to shoot that close. Look what’ve you done to my poor hair!” – Tatsumi

Akame ga Kill Tatsumi Poor Hair

“This assassin is a lady’s killer…killer…killer” – Najenda (referring to Tatsumi’s appeal to the ladies of the Night Raid)

Akame ga Kill Najenda Lady Killer

“When I did the laundry, I accidentally washed Mine along with the dirty clothes.” – Sheele

Akame ga Kill Sheele Dirty Clothes

“Let’s go Koro. I bet you must be hungry. How does five men on death row sound?” – Seryu Ubiquitous

Akame ga Kill Seryu Death Row Feeding

“A-alright! I’m going to win her over tonight! Time to show off my manliness!” – Tatsumi

Akame ga Kill Tatsumi Manliness

“Kurome is giving me a huge sense of deja vu. Not to mention her possessiveness over food. She’s definitely like Akame! She has to be related to her somehow!” – Tatsumi

Akame ga Kill Tatsumi Deja Vu

“Shit! I know how you feel but I can’t let you go! I’m not ready to die!” – Wave (after Tatsumi escapes)

Akame ga Kill Wave Can't Let Go

“I run a manga bookstore. The manga I carry is full of different ways to manipulate string.” – Lubbock

Akame ga Kill Lobbock Manga Store

“A-a group is a bit much for me. I’d like to pass on you guys.” – Lubbock

Akame ga Kill Lubbock Group Fight

Susanoo : “Najenda looks identical to my old master.”

Najenda : “I’m sure she must’ve been a wonderful person.”

Susanoo : “Yeah. He was an excellent general!”

Najenda : “HE!?”

Akame ga Kill Susanoo Najenda Former General

“The next time you sneak a peek while I’m bathing, I’ll cut it off. You’ve been warned.” – Chelsea (to Tatsumi)

Akame ga Kill Chelsea Warning

“‘C-cut it off’?! Cut what off? ” – Tatsumi

Akame ga Kill Tatsumi Cut Off

“Tatsumi. There’s one thing I have to say to you. Your fly is down! It’s driving me nuts, so please zip it up!” – Susanoo

Akame ga Kill Susanoo Fly Down

“Boss, are you really that young?! I’m blown away!” – Tatsumi (commenting on Najenda’s age)

Akame ga Kill Tatsumi Boss's Age

“Why are you pitying me, you open-fly loser! Don’t bring me down to your level!” – Mine

Akame ga Kill Mine Open-Fly Loser

Tatsumi :“E-esdeath, please hurt me.”

Esdeath : “Tatsumi, I didn’t know you were into that. We really are perfect for each other.”

Akame ga Kill Tatsumi Esdeath Hurt Me

“If you take one more stab about my height, you’re dead!” – Mine

Akame ga Kill Mine Short Joke

Akame ga Kill! can be a dark anime. But between the assassinations, the corruption, and the rising rebellion, the anime finds moments to lighten the mood with jokes and bad puns. If you’re looking for an anime about an eccentric group of assassins to watch, you can’t go wrong with Akame ga Kill!

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